Royal Navy offer adventure of a lifetime at Brunel University

Brunel University was treated to a visit from the Royal Navy last week, with the armed forced bringing a number of activities along with the chance to win a three day adventure.

The interactive experiences on campus were only the entrée however, as a social event was held on Thursday, with iPads up for grabs for the winners of a number of physical and mental challenges.

All of this was of course the start of a new recruitment drive for the Navy, despite government cuts hitting the armed forces hard in the past year.

Lieutenant Tom Lennon spoke to us to give us some insight into what his colleagues hoped to achieved from their week-long presence.

“We want people to see that the Royal Navy isn’t just about combat, it is about providing relief.”

Tom, who attributes his career as a pilot in the Navy to his childhood love of Top Gun, is currently training to fly Merlin helicopters and regularly works aboard aircraft carriers.

“Being a pilot in the Navy is more challenging than anywhere else…landing on a ship comes with far more risks.”

The grand prize on offer for those who signed up with one of the servicemen or women was a three day adventure on a Navy base in Plymouth, codenamed Operation Alchemy.

The day consists of a number of drills with the Marines and Navy, including a day at sea on an aircraft carrier, simulating the sort of emergencies Tom has to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

It was an eye-opening experience speaking to Lieutenant Lennon, and we would like to thank the members of the Royal Navy who were at Brunel all of last week, running such exciting activities.

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