British universities drop down world rankings but Brunel continues to rise

British universities have slumped down this year’s world rankings, but Brunel University London has continued to improve, climbing an impressive 24 places.

Brunel was ranked 331st in the world for the year 2015/16, matching its highest position in the past four years.

The Uxbridge-based university has recently invested £300 million in improving resources and has undergone a substantial re-branding, including the addition of the word London in the name, along with a smart new crest.

One of the institution’s top selling points is its international integration, boasting a diverse staff and student body, that scored an impressive 95.5 and 98.9 respectively, out of 100 (QS Top Universities, 2015).

These improvements are even more impressive when the rest of the UK’s universities are considered, as many top schools dropped down the table.

Oxford and University College London both took hits, slipping from joint fifth to sixth and seventh, and Imperial College London fell six places.

Many of these knock-backs are being attributed to the change in the methodology used by QS; the body who determine the world’s top institutions.

Whereas previously, a focus on research was key, recognition is now being given to universities that stand out in the arts and humanities, an area receiving a great deal of rejuvenation in recent years.

As investment continues to be made and student numbers continue to rise, worldwide recognition is beginning to increase for one of London’s top universities.

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